Dance Group

Estabilished by choregrapher Gavri Levi in 1976 with dancers from the IDF Dance Corps.


The group has grown from 12 to 50 dancers.



Toured the united states, sent by the ministry of tourism.



Performed in israel month in mexico city and in radio city music hall, new york.



Choreographer Gavri levi oversaw the artistic production of the eurovision held in jerusalem. As a result of this worldwide exposure, the group was invited to perform around he globe with outstanding reviews - from the cultural  center in tel aviv to the cultural  center in in Mexico City, in amsterdam, Budapest, Belgium, Frankfurt, Los angeles, Miami, Beach, The Paris convention hall, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Venezuela, the warsaw Opera and hundreds of other places.


Shalom Group, one of the world's leading dance troupes, has been featured in many television programs in israel and abroad.


Shalom Group's rich repetoire includes israeli folk dances, international folk dances, fiddler on the roof, gypsy dances, festival and ethnic dances.  




עמותת שיבולת