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I enjoyed the Shalom Troupe's performance yesterday, the costumes are fabulous, the dancers dance wonderfully – simply an unforgettable experience.

I also enjoyed the evening's accompanying singers, and also the amazing conductor who also participated in the dances. Way to go, keep up the good work.


– Haya Farkash, Haifa




I saw the Shalom Troupe at Gan HaPisgah in Jaffa with thousands of spectators; anyone who didn't come missed a troupe of a very high standard, terrific dances, a fantastic orchestra, and excellent songstresses, not to mention the conductor of the entire show, which lasted two whole hours. It was a pleasure!


– Yael




I have seen many troupes overseas, Poland's Mazowsze, Folklorico de Mexico and even the great Moiseyev Dance Company. 

Our Israeli Shalom Troupe is second to none and perhaps surpasses most.

It is a group that innovates every time I see it.

Its new program "Our Tiny Land" is not to be missed!!


– Dubi  




I was present at the Shalom Troupe's show at Gan HaPisgah in Jaffa; it was a pleasure to see an Israeli troupe with gorgeous costumes and wonderful choreography, pretty female and handsome male dancers, and what an orchestra and conductor!

Keep up the good work, way to go.


– Galit 



































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